I would be shunned in ancient Japan.

So I’m assisting on the Production Design for an AFDA experimental film.

We start building tomorrow. Super excited. But in the mean time, I have to draw pictures that a 12 year old would draw, as well as make as many origami flowers as possible (which I’m not very good at).

It’s actually surprisingly entertaining.Image




Behind The Scenes on Set today

Here’s a sneak peak at what my first film is going to loo like. I did all the production design, and costume, makeup, and styling myself.

Have a look, and let me know what you think.



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Special thanks to my entire crew, as well as to Saarah Harris for helping out with taking photos and to Rebecca Furlong for being the best moral support on set.
I love you long time.

Adding colour.

Research project 3 for CMSP was to d a whole bunch of reading up on how colour affects the audience within a film, and now it contributes to the narrative. We than had to find a script (some people made one up but I decided to use our ACTUAL script for our atual first year film in an attempt that maybe later i won’t have to do something. Yes, I can be lazy sometimes) and put a colour sequence to it.

This is vaugely what I came up with.

Beat One: The graveyard.

The graveyard will be styled with a single cross in the ground, surrounded by flowers.
The plant-life situated in the graveyard will be green and the flowers surrounding the cross will be red, along with red candles which symbolize mourning. This image is an immediate visual symbol of a grave, which represents death, and the flowers surrounding the grave suggest that the death is fairly recent.

The man approaching the grave will be wearing a black jacket, with a white shirt. This is standard of someone who has just left a funeral or of someone who is in mourning. Inside the front pocket of the jacket, will be a green handkerchief, and he too will be holding a red rose. The camera will zoom in on his wrist, on which is a hand-made bracelet with the name “Jane” beaded onto it. This is a visual way of telling the audience that someone close to him has died recently, and he has still very much not come to terms with it.
We want the audience to sympathize with our character. The binary of this beat of the film is grief vs acceptance. The colours I intend to use for these binaries is red to represent grief, and green to represent acceptance. Our audience would inheritably associate red with passion, and very large emotions, which is what our character is experiencing.  We want the audience to feel sympathetic towards our character and would do so by using my knowledge of colour to evoke emotion within our audience.


Beat 2: The skeleton.

The setting of this beat is in an industrial-styled dance hall., and the colour scheme I have chosen is blue and orange.

The set will be surrounded by candelabras, lanterns, and candles; giving the mystical, magical feeling we want the audience to feel. This will further contribute to the drama of the design, as well as creating the understanding that this is not reality.

The colour scheme will be evident in the characters costumes. The female will be dressed in a light orange dress that simulates a ball gown feel. It will be a little bit tattered but still elegant and graceful. The skirt of the dress is tulle and almost peach in colour.  Her peach-coloured ballet shoes will also contribute to their occupation, as well as the drama of the imagery.

Her face will be painted as a skeleton, but not in a scary way. It is not done to scare people, but rather to confirm the audience’s suspicions that she is in fact, dead.

The male character will be dressed in a baby blue, in order to compliment Jane’s costume. He won’t be as dramatically dressed as she will because she is the main focus of this scene.

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Beat 3: The Gun

The colour scheme for this beat of the film is red and violet. These are colours that create discord within the audience as it creates conflict within the image. Because we cannot alter the entire costume of the male character, I have removed his handkerchief, and placed purple flowers behind him we will have to ensure this is the first time we shoot our character from this angle because we do not want the purple to be seen at all until this point of the film.